What is VOIP?

You might have heard the terms VOIP, IP telephony or internet telephony a lot recently and that’s because it’s changing the way many small and medium businesses (SMBs) communicate.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP telephony is just Internet Protocol telephony) and essentially it is another way of delivering phone calls to the user.

Put simply, VOIP delivers voice calls over your internet connection rather than your phone line. However, the delivery method itself is not as important as the service that needs to be delivered. It’s always important for SMBs to think about what they want from their telecommunications rather than the delivery service.

Advantages of VOIP telephone systems

The main advantage of VOIP is that it improves reliability. Many SMB’s customers contact them by phone, so having a more reliable and effective telephone communications network is an essential tool of business. The last thing any SMB needs is for their customers to experience difficulty contacting them. In a crowded market place, this could make all the difference.

You can even connect VOIP telephone systems to your home phone and improve your connectivity and communication across the board. VOIP can also boost the quality of international calls, and because we know that many Western Australian companies need to be in touch internationally, this could be a real benefit too.

VOIP is starting to achieve widespread acceptance as good business practice. We know that overhauling your communications systems might seem like a complex and costly business. However, the improved connectivity and reliability can make this trade off worthwhile.

Installing IP phone systems

Here at EZ Telecommunications, we can assess your needs, develop and install VOIP systems and offer ongoing IP telephony support. What this means for your business is a big difference for a small investment.

IP telephony doesn’t have to be complicated and is in fact as easy to use as a regular phone, once you’ve got the right set up installed. We can take care of all the more difficult technical stuff for you, making your transition to a VOIP telephone system easy and cost effective, right from the beginning.