Traditional Telephony

Do you still need a traditional phone system?

Despite the emergence of VOIP and IP telephony, a traditional telephone service is still essential for any small to medium sized business. There are many new ways of communicating but customers will always like to pick up the phone and speak to you.

VOIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is just another way of delivering phone calls to the user. It may be more reliable in certain ways but a traditional telephone system is still a useful tool.

However, for most companies, having one phone line and one hand set is not quite sufficient. Depending on the size of the workforce and nature of your business, a great deal of what you and your employees do may be over the phone.

So, you will always need a suitable dedicated phone service to accommodate your needs. You will also need a voicemail and answering service that works for you, so that you don’t let any potential customers or deals slip through your fingers.

What impact is VOIP having?

VOIP is a system that allows you to make phone calls through your internet connection. It is very reliable however there is a trade off for the additional cost of infrastructure to make it work sufficiently well.

It may be making big waves in the telecommunications services industry and is estimated to cost the global telecoms industry around $479 billion by 2020. However, currently VOIP only accounts for around 7% of the telecoms market. So, traditional telephony is far from dying out any time soon.

This doesn’t mean to say that your existing phone system is adequate and you may well be long overdue an overhaul. Here at EZ Telecommunications we have years of experience of offering small and medium businesses updated phone systems that work for them.

What EZ Telecommunications provides

Our one stop telephony service can help you to improve productivity and communications, reduce cost and take care of all the hassle. Our ongoing support services also mean that should any problems occur or updates be required, we can take care of those too.

We can help you to refine, develop and install a phone system that provides the very best way of staying in touch with each other and with potential customers, helping you to grow your business and get where you want to go.