What is WAN?

Unlike a LAN, which covers a small area, like a home or office, a WAN covers a large geographical space. This could be anything from a region, to a state or country. In essence the WAN uses communications circuits and infrastructure to connect all the other smaller local networks together.

What types of WAN are there?

The most obvious WAN is one that most of us use every single day: the internet. However, there are lots of other WANs, including large corporate networks, military networks and stock brokerage networks.

The organisations and companies that support the internet using the Internet Protocol are known as internet service providers or ISPs. That’s the company you pay for your internet service.

What is a WAN used for?

By linking the various ISPs together, a global communications infrastructure has been created. This has allowed us to use tools such as email and instant messenger to communicate with each other. And it didn’t take businesses long to figure out how they could use this to their advantage

How to use a WAN to your advantage

These days its more than just about emails (although it’s impossible to overstate the impact email had on business practice back in the day). You can use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your company and products, new telecommunications technology allows you to make phone calls over IP. This has really revolutionised telecommunications and allowed companies to slash their spending on phone calls.

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