What is unified communications?

Unified communications is an integrated system of instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing, telephone communications and voicemail that allow you to talk to anyone at anytime, anywhere. This means that within your organisation there will be no costly or frustrating delays.

Whether your company has a few employees of a few thousand, unified communications can improve your productivity and increase cost effectiveness. As the world gets more mobile, staying in touch and developing the systems that allow this are more important than ever.

Improved productivity

By using unified communications you can communicate in real time through a myriad of systems, both traditional and modern.

By removing the need for different systems, you can reduce costs and work together more cost effectively.

Remote working

Why only work from the office when unified communication systems allow you to stay in touch wherever you are in the world? At home, at the airport or on the road, greater flexibility of communications maximises productivity.

What is a contact centre?

Customer and clients are increasingly technology-aware and expect to be able to contact you in a variety of ways. Traditional contact centres have often struggled to pull together the various methods people use to get in touch. With unified communications at your contact centre, nothing will ever slip through the net.

EZ Telecommunications provides the communication solutions for your contact centre, allowing you and your customers to stay in touch however you or they want to do it. With the latest interaction tools to suit the needs of any small or medium business, you can really maximise your communications efficiency, whether that’s by phone, instant messaging, social media or email.

Why act now?

There has never been a better time to review your contact centre and telecommunications service. Technology is moving and many traditional contact centres are outmoded.

At EZ Telecommunications we can help you to bring your contact centre right up to date using our systems of unified communications. As a long time partner of Alcatel, we’re a telecommunications provider with vast experience and know-how and we use the very best and latest products on the market to realise our communications solutions.

Increase your connectivity, both internally within your company and with an increasingly aware consumer market. Staying in touch is the key to good business and our aim at EZ Telecommunications is to help you do this as easily as possible.