What is LAN?

LAN stands for local area network and is essentially a group of computers and associated devices that share a communications network or wireless link. In practice, this means all the computers within your office network or those otherwise connected.

This is usually achieved through a single switch or router, which allows applications and data storage to be shared by any device connected to the network. This can be as few as one or two in a home network or as many as thousands in a large office environment. Depending on the nature and your requirements of a LAN, it will either be wireless or wired.

What types of LAN are there?

Three of the major LAN technologies are Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI. Ethernet is by far the most common type of network, used by the vast majority of SMBs, with some fibre cables being used for internal connections.

Most SMB networks will be a ‘flat LAN operating at Layer 2’ only. In order to make the most out of VOIP then it may be necessary to upgrade to a ‘segmented LAN operating at Layer 3.

What is a LAN used for?

Applications and programs are stored on devices like hard drives, servers, printers and others and a LAN is used to connect them all together. Network users can download apps onto their hard drive and communicate and print using a LAN connection.

Most businesses utilise a LAN in order to be able to connect devices and appliances. This is an efficient and cost effective way of working and the greater degree of integration encourages better working practice.

Setting up and maintaining a LAN

Some LAN technology is fairly straightforward, especially for the home market. However, more complicated and larger networks take a little more in-depth knowledge. Especially if you want to maximise their potential for VOIP and other services. How many working hours are lost each year because employees can’t get online or access the right printer? We also know that many smaller firms can’t afford the luxury on an in-house IT specialist

Here at EZ Telecommunications, we can advise on the most suitable LAN for your needs, provide the hardware and set up your network so that it is working to its maximum capability. Our after sales service means we offer support should you encounter any problems with your network.

Our fast and comprehensive service means that your network will allow the best internal communication and ease of working possible. Meaning that you are free to concentrate on doing what you do best: taking care of business.